The Royal Talens Foundation is supported by Royal Talens.


The Royal Talens Foundation initiates and supports international projects that stimulate creative expression through drawing and painting. We provide a donation of Royal Talens products to projects that stimulate creative expression in innovative or unexpected ways. Projects that focus on increasing the accessibility of creative activities and artistic development to disadvantaged target groups have our special attention. We are passionate about initiatives that aim to develop the creative skills of its participants.



Project criteria

  • You represent a national or international non-profit organisation
  • You are in need of drawing and painting material or products. Providing financial support isn't part of our main activities.
  • The project includes drawing and/or painting activities
  • The project has a clear beginning and an end
  • The project actively stimulates creative expression and/or aims to develop creative skills of its participants
  • The project(plan) has clear objectives and results, a clearly defined target group and a detailed and realistic budget

We don't provide materials and donations in case:

  • The products will be used as prizes in a competition or in goodiebags
  • The products will be merely distributed and/or given away without any accompanying creative workshop and/or activity

If you think your project is part of our mission and meets the project criteria, please fill out our donation request form that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page and send it to Please note that it can take up to 4 weeks before we've processed your request.


If you have any doubts on whether your project is applicable or not, feel free to contact us



Donation Request Form (ENG)
_donation request form RTF_ENG.doc
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