Supported Projects 2020 · 25. June 2020
The last months we gave several times materials to Cello, an organisation that has 2400 disabled people under its care. They were very happy and grateful for this donation. We received this beautiful homemade garland of hearts, the symbol during the corona time. Thank you!

Supported Projects 2020 · 25. June 2020
In April, De Klup Apeldoorn organized together with us an online home art competition in which visitors to this special meeting place could participate. It was called The Talens Home Art competition "Sitting at home is an art" All people with an intellectual disability from Apeldoorn and surroundings are allowed to participate. They were called upon to make something at home - from a drawing, painting or structure to a video or song, for example. This competition has received immense publicity!...

Supported Projects 2020 · 22. May 2020
One of the favorite projects the Royal Talens Foundation supports is the creative project of NPH Mexico. Manuel Fernandez Mendoza is a visual teacher at NPH Mexico. Manuel followed a four-year course in which he studied drawing as well as drama. He is an avid lover of the art of Mesoamerica. The youngsters are taught by Manuel four times a week, after homework and work tasks are finished (including cleaning the grounds, doing your own laundry, cleaning the rooms). Three years ago, Nellie...

Supported Projects 2020 · 24. April 2020
The purpose of Drawing for Children is to cheer up children in hospitals by drawing with them. Artists volunteer to the hospitals throughout the country to work with the children on the edge of the bed. We have supported the work of Drawing for Children before because we find their work very special and useful. Last week we sent new materials to them in order to continue their beautiful work. These attached photos speak volumes.

Supported Projects 2020 · 16. April 2020
Residential Care Center Veldhuis is a beautiful new location of Klein Geluk, in the center of Apeldoorn. Due to the Coronavirus, the residents now have to stay in their own apartment for a few weeks, which is not always easy. The employees of Klein Geluk try to organize distraction and relaxation in various ways together with volunteers. One of the activities is a project for residents who like to color. The residents who want to participate, each receive a package with mandala coloring...

Supported Projects 2020 · 14. April 2020
The Leonardo da Vinci Foundation is an uniquely safe meeting place for creative development for people with disabilities. A place where you can connect and receive with respect. It is a daytime activity where you can perform artistic activities under professional guidance. The independent art center has a painter's studio, a sculpture studio and a ceramic workshop. It has their own art gallery/ art shop, where they exhibit the art made and are sold by their own artists. Due to the Corona...

Supported Projects 2020 · 14. April 2020
Royal Talens and Wuestman. One is a supplier of Quantore and the other a member of Quantore. Nice to find each other this way in a joint action. Currently, because of the Corona virus, clients of healthcare institutions must mainly stay indoors. Visitors no longer come and day care addresses are also closed. The donation of 144 sets of felt tips and 100 color books are therefore a very welcome gift. Natasja Heuts and Hesselien Cameron van 's Heeren Loo received this with great pleasure at the...

Supported Projects 2020 · 10. April 2020
The Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem (The Netherlands) has a special foundation to raise funds. One of their special employees is Doctor Daan. The super sweet bear doctor. Doctor Daan organized a coloring competition during the first weeks of the Corona Crisis to support employees and friends of the hospital. We have donated great prizes so that Doctor Daan could make the children extra happy.

Supported Projects 2020 · 08. April 2020
In March 2020 we donated pencils, felt tips and colouring books in support of the UK children’s charity Spread a Smile – Its mission is to brighten the days of seriously and terminally ill children and teenagers in hospital. Under normal circumstances, Spread a Smile would be delivering 35 monthly visits to 8 London hospitals, bringing fairies, magicians, face-painters, therapy dogs, singers and lots more to bring smiles to and enhance the wellbeing of seriously and...

Supported Projects 2020 · 01. April 2020
In these challenging times of Corona many daily creative activities at the care centers from “ Zorg Groep Apeldoorn “ are suspended. As to enable the participants to continue drawing in these special times the Royal Talens Foundation donated last March 24th various Bruynzeel drawing materials.

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