Supported Projects 2019

Supported Projects 2019 · 23. December 2019
The walk-in house of the kLEEF! Foundation is a meeting place for everyone in the region who, in whatever way, has to do with cancer. The art classes given here by artist Stephan Peters are of great value to the participants. We have been providing materials for some time. It was beautiful to be here and experience the huge impact this organisation has.

Supported Projects 2019 · 23. December 2019
De Klup is a meeting place in Apeldoorn for people with and without disabilities. More than 30 different activities under the guidance of 140 volunteers are organized here. We have been supporting painting lessons with materials for several years. A great initiative with a very important role in society

Supported Projects 2019 · 13. December 2019
Royal Talens has been a loyal partner of the Paint a Future Foundation for more than 20 years. We decided to purchase this beautiful painting to support this organisation. Paint a Future They live in slums or on the street. Often they grow up in families where violence and great poverty are very normal. Children in deprived situations have a rough time, but they also have their dreams. Artist Hetty van der Linden lets them paint their dreams. Artists integrate the dreams of the children into...

Supported Projects 2019 · 08. December 2019
LuKiArt in Belgium wants to let children taste art. Children are introduced to all kinds of (visual) disciplines in a playful way, by letting them actively practice art. LuKiArt wants to offer children a unique (2 weekly) experience, without giving drawing or painting lessons. LuKiArt works together with different schools, but also has workshops in different hospitals. It is so nice for the kids to be creative without any worries. And it also turns out to be good for their recovery.

Supported Projects 2019 · 01. November 2019
Recently the Royal Talens Foundation supported an art project initiated by the foundation ‘We see stars’, a group of guides and museum teachers of the big art museums in the Netherlands. The foundation works pro bono for the Mosaik Support Center for refugees and vulnerable locals in Lesvos. We donated and transported a lot of materials in order to give professional art classes at the center. Please watch the beautiful video we received as a Thank you from the...

Supported Projects 2019 · 31. October 2019
A group of women from a village in the Netherlands wanted to help a school in Gambia. They wanted to develop a new building for 700 children. Now a few years later they raised € 90,000 by selling traditional cookies. What a result! October 19, 2019 the official opening of the new school took place. It was a beautiful ceremony. The Royal Talens Foundation donated pencils for the kids to write and draw with.

Supported Projects 2019 · 26. September 2019
Mur du Souffle is an artistic and charity association with the goal to create art to raise money to support the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. All the profits made by the artworks of Mur du Souffle go to medical research and support of Cystic Fibrosis patients. Mur du Souffle fights to make a disability into a strength: they build a community of federating artists around a cause, to implement positive energies, facilitate meetings and to give hope and meaning when there doesn't seem to be any....

Supported Projects 2019 · 24. September 2019
The Urban Art Academy is a progressive art school in Zwitserland. One of their objectives is to organize social exchange projects. For the first time an urban art workshop was organized with the Upenja school in a small village in Zanzibar. Children were able to test aerosol sprays and were able to discover the magic of making art this way. Royal Talens provided this project with all the necessary equipment. The empty cans were used for the development of modern art. A very nice way of...

Supported Projects 2019 · 19. September 2019
On September 14, Paint a Future celebrated its 20th anniversary. Royal Talens is from the very beginning its loyal sponsor. Over the years thousands of euros in materials were donated to Hetty van der Linden and her team to visualize the dreams of children and let these come true. The celebration took place in the Noorderkerk in Amsterdam. Great musicians like Leoni Jansen and Carel Kraayenhof gave a wonderful concert. Hetty unexpectedly received a royal honour for everything she did for...

Supported Projects 2019 · 17. September 2019
Have you heared of the S.E.A. Art Tour? This is a brand new art route on Texel where art and science meet. S.E.A. is short for "Science Encounters Art" and brings an 'ode to the sea' by creating works of art inspired by science from Texel (Wadden Island in the Netherlands). Professional artists worked together with scientists from NIOZ (National Institute for Sea Research). The combination of science and art creates spectacular works of art spread across the island. There is also a treasure...

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