The measurement of results can be quite complicated for a foundation. We want to help people to develop themselves, to be empowered to make an impact on tomorrow and all these changes don't happen overnight


Despite the difficulties we recognize the importance of setting clear goals and measuring our impact.


In 2017 the Royal Talens Foundation will work with 3 criteria to measure our impact. Being a quite young Foundation and within the framework of continuous improvement, we will if necessary include new criteria or change the existing ones along the way.


1 Number of beneficiaries

We want to engage as many people as posible and give them the opportunity to experience and develop their creativity. Because of this the total number of direct beneficiaries is our first criteria.


2 Number of hours volunteered

We are proud to see that others are committed to our mission and we want to support our volunteergroup with their activities. Our second criteria is the total number of hours volunteered by the Royal Talens Foundation volunteer group.


3 Number of countries where we have presence  

Royal Talens is an international oriented company and so is the Royal Talens Foundation. As stated in our mission we want to operate worldwide and because of this the number of countries where we have developed or supported activities is our third criteria to measure our impact.