Sponsorship in Royal Talens is an (in-kind) fee given to an organization, group or event, in return for access to the commercial potential associated with that organization and/or event. The strategy is to create a positive link with our brands and products within our target audiences.

Sponsorship is undertaken for the purpose of achieving commercial objectives.


Philanthropy or donations on the other hand, are in support of a cause, without any commercial objectives. For these purposes Royal Talens created the Royal Talens Foundation: a separate legal identity in charge of raising their budget through fundraising.


Sponsorship by Royal Talens

  • Royal Talens has a low profile sponsorship policy. In principle they only do in kind sponsoring and they generally do not sponsor big cultural and/or sports events

  • Generally the sponsorships take place within our commercial target audiences

  • A sponsorship relationship is based on a business proposal with mutually-agreed upon rights and benefits for both parties

  • Sponsorship is often public

  • Sponsorship usually is decided by the person(s) managing our marketing or communication department or specific brands.


Philanthropy or donations by the Royal Talens Foundation


The Royal Talens Foundation was created with the support of Royal Talens within their strategy to be a good corporate citizen. Besides our main mission, The Foundation might help to increase the corporate image of Royal Talens with their own stakeholders (employees, shareholders, suppliers).

  • Our donations are cause-related, we support organizations and or initiatives within the framework of our mission.


  • We aim to develop and carry out our own programmes and projects often in partnership with other Non Profits. Nevertheless we also have a limited annual budget in place to support Non Profits in need of Royal Talens material to carry our their mission.

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