World Servants in Ghana 


This summer a group of enthusiastic Dutch volunteers decided to go for a very special holiday destination. They traveled to Ghana together with the NGO World Servants to work hand in hand with local community building classrooms for a school. Besides the construction activities they developed a programme for children and youngsters between 6 and 16 years old. Drawing and painting was the main focus of this programme.


“We tried to first inspire the children to truly listen to their feelings and thoughts”, explains one of the volunteers. “The idea was to give them the confidence to translate these emotions and thoughts into a drawing. With this approach also the less outgoing children got inspired to express their inner world. The children loved it and they were extremely proud to make something of their own. I am glad that we could capture these proud faces in pictures!”.


Asking another volunteer about his trip to Ghana his conclusion is crystal clear. “It moved me to see their enthusiasm and how much effort they put in creating their painting. Drawing and painting is something totally “normal” for so many children in western countries that we tend to forget how happy it makes them”.