Pictures made by Alfeqar Mohammad


In 2017 the Royal Talens Foundation partnered up with the Favela Painting Foundation founded by Dutch Artists Dre Urhahn and Jeroen Koolhaas. They turn public urban spaces and deprived places into inspiring artworks together with local communities.

Currently they are active in the Bijlmerbajes in Amsterdam, a former prision in the Netherlands which is now in use as a shelter for refugees. All together they will turn grey walls into art creating more social cohesion and a better living environment.


As part of this project they also offer weekly workshops.


"We like to work with stencilart explains one of the teachers from Favela Painting. This technique is quite simple and for that matter also attractive for those who are not familiar with painting. Fortunately we get positive feedback from the residents in the shelter. They experience the workshops as a great way to break the daily grind in a relaxed setting".


The Royal Talens Foundation donated the material for the workshops.