Alda recently retired from work when she decided to go for some volunteering. She chose to support the Non Profit Nivon. Nivon organizes group camps for those who are not in the position to enjoy holidays or quality time with their children.


"I like camping, I enjoy organizing different activities and I like doing it for those who cannot enjoy this other ways", tells Alda. "We organized a week for 12 adults and 19 children. These people have been through a lot and they are in some way alone in a foreign country with a different culture and a language which is not theirs. You just want to do your best to give them a great time and it is such a pleasure to see that we could make that happen. A mother with 3 children told me that this was the first time she had a moment for herself in 3 years. Another woman explained that she was so glad because they all together had fun, sharing some laughter, without thinking about anything else".


Nivon and Alda organized several activities including drawing and painting.