Creative children’s coach and children’s yoga teacher Henriette D. contacted the Royal Talens Foundation with a special request. She was planning to travel to Suriname with her family to work with around 220 children in a school located in a very challenging area in Parimaribo.


With her classes she wanted to serve two purposes: draw and paint with these children and inspire the teachers of the school to continue including creativity in their day to day work at the school. Henriette hopes that with creativity the self-esteem of the children will grow which will provide them with other perspectives for the future.


There were absolutely no creative classes in the Moria school because there is no money to buy materials. This is a missed opportunity for the children’s personal and emotional development. Especially for children dealing with complex and difficult situations at home, emotional development is very important.


One of the first things our volunteer noticed was that the children did not feel comfortable expressing themselves creatively. They were not used to draw and using painting material. However while classes evolved the children showed more confidence to use the different materials and make a colorful drawing!


We thank Henriette for the joy she brought to these children and we hope that they will continue drawing and painting with the donated material.