In January 2017 the Dutch Lies Anne (student) went to Oeganda with a mission: giving creative therapy to children!


“In my first week I asked the children, one by one, to make a drawing. They could choose themselves what to draw. After interpreting the drawings I divided the children in groups and developed custom made assignments for each groups.


My main goal for all groups was creating a safe place for the children to express themselves creatively no matter their personal situation. Some children showed signs of low self-esteem and others were facing developmental delay.


What I liked the best was the development I saw in each child during the month. In the beginning they were afraid to use the different materials and all chose to work with a pencil. Towards the end of the course they felt free to use all the other materials without holding back. Also the teamwork improved amazingly well. I enjoyed giving them personal attention and I saw what it did for their self-esteem. There was this little girl who would refuse to show me any of her drawings in the beginning but during the last day she finally came to show me what she did.


I am happy with the results of my project and I am convinced that drawing and painting is indeed very important for a child’s development”.