Painting when you are partially sighted or blind? It may sound like a strange idea but it turned out to be a great one!

After what was a long and difficult period in her life Christel decided to start a painting course for partially sighted or blind people. Just like she did herself she wanted others to learn how to focus on possibilities in life and not on restrictions.


“It was both challenging and inspiring. I felt proud, that I, a blind person, had actually made a painting”.


“When you are partially sighted you have to optimize the use of your other senses. This course helped me in that journey.”


“At first it was difficult because I had to leave my comfort zone but it was worth the effort. I did  something I always wanted to do but thought I never would".


“It was a valuable experience and I am looking forward to continue this new acquired hobby”.


"Thanks Christel for your time, talent and patience".