Our first Art Up project in the Netherlands: Duo Karski & Beyond together with local community


Art brings people together and that is in part what we wanted to do with Art Up Drimmelen. For this project we partnered with the municipality and a local school in Drimmelen and together we created a great mural. Based on some guidelines given to us by municipality the artists made 4 designs for a mural and community was invited

to vote for the best design. We had around 150 votes and the big winner was a beaver.


First we invited a group of 35 people, elderly and teenagers to the Royal Talens Experience Centre for an

inspiring workshop spraypaint by local artist Simon. Although some of the youngsters were already more familiar with streetart this was not the case for the older participants. One of them explained: “I am almost 80 and I have never painted in my life. At first I was quite sceptic thinking that I was far too old to try something new. But I took the challenge and I absolutely loved it. I made a painting and I am proud".


A smaller group signed up for a second workshop given by Karski & Beyond and in this session they learned more about street art. “It is definitely not as easy as it looks and now I respect this type of art much more than I did before” comments another participant.


Professional street artists worked together with young and old. The result is a mural which stands for team work, accepting new challenges in life and overall for an inspiring experience.


Thanks to Hotel de Korenbeurs, Rekro Reizen, Simon van der Weerd, Gemeente Drimmelen, Dongemond College, Karski & Beyoud  and the Royal Talens Experience Centre