Social Inclusion for families from Syria, Eritrea and Somalia

Poverty means something different to everybody but it goes definitely much further than a pure financial challenge. Often we see that due to a financial situation people can no longer participate in social activities and end up in a situation of social isolation.




Nivon helps to prevent this. Since 2007 they organize so called social group holidays for single parent families that have to live during a long period with a minimum income. Many of these single parents don’t have the means to organize and enjoy leisure time with their children. These holidays organized by Nivon volunteers turn out to be a great tool to promote social inclusion among these families. Besides the needed leisure time, the experience gives both generations new perspectives.


Between august 6 – 13 the Royal Talens Foundation supported with drawing and painting material a social holiday week for 35 mothers and their children. Around 12 volunteers among them 2 from Syria, worked very hard to make this a week to never forget!



During the painting activities nationality and culture were no barrier at all being Art their universal language!