Paint a Future in action for a tribe in Taiwan 


In november 2016 the Non Profit Paint a Future and artists from several countries came in action for the children of a local tribe in Taiwan: the Tsou.


The Tsou is recognized by the government as one of the 14 remaining aboriginal tribes in the country. Their population lives in the impressive forest Alishan: a very remote area in the middle of the Country.  As is the case with most tribes in Taiwan, their cultural heritage has suffered decades of neglect and even discrimination. Besides the number of its population is declining because youngsters move to other parts of the country and as a result the Tsou culture and language is in danger to become extinct. Although the children of this tribe are not to be considered poor by any standards, there is an urgent need of education of the original language before it disappears completely.


8 artists travelled to Taiwan to meet the children of this tribe and asked them to draw their dreams for the future. Some said they wish to become a doctor one day, others expressed the dream to live in Alisan forever.  Inspired by these dreams and with the materila donated by the Royal Talens Foundation, these artists painted a total of 33 works in 10 days.


The paintings are currently exhibited and for sale in the modern Performing Arts Centre of the city Chiayi and the proceeds will be used to fulfill the dreams of these children.