Art to prevent social isolation


Artist Hanneke van Balen and “Stichting Tamara” proof our theory right: Creative activities inspire creative thinking and that leads to great ideas.


One of Hanneke’s great ideas was to organize workshops for elderly in her neighborhood on a voluntary basis.  “I know that many of them can become quite lonely sometimes so I wanted to do something to prevent their loneliness and social isolation”, Hanneke explains. She set straight goals: in a year she will organize a workshop for at least 100 people. Every week of the year she will receive at least 2 “neighbours” in her atelier for a personal workshop.


Hanneke started in August and shared some of the reactions with us. “I learned something new I did not know I had it in me”, said one of the participants. “The painting I made together with Hanneke will be a reminder of a lovely day and experience”.


The Royal Talens Foundation supports this initiative with material.