The Royal Talens Foundation and Jomard Dirki: €9000 for children and youngsters in areas of conflict and war.

In December 2015 the Royal Talens Foundation organized together with the Royal Talens Experience Centre and Jomard Dirki an art auction.


Jomard Dirki (artist) had to leave his country Syria because of the war and since than he and his son have been living in a refugee camp in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. "The journey is something I will never forget." "I was scared to death, I even cant swim". Life as a refugee is not easy but for Jomard Apeldoorn has been great. "At least here is no war". Jomard tries to see the bright side of life and he wanted to give back something to society in return for the shelter he received in The Netherlands. 


With the support of 38 other artists we collected a total of 75 art works and we organized an auction. The result was €9000 euros offered by Jomard to Serious Request 2015. This annual Dutch event supported in 2015 through the Red Cross children and youngsters in areas of conflict and war.