Painting Workshop during COVID-19 at WereldOuders/NPH El Salvador

Many children in Central and South America have to live without parental care and a loving family. Their future is a life surrounded by poverty. The Foundation  WereldOuders raises funds for the projects of Nuestos Pequenos Hermanos (NPH). NPH wants to break this vicious circle of poverty. NPH offers children in different countries basic needs as a safe and stable home, education and medical care. The children stay in so-called family homes. Last year we supported NPH Mexico. We also sent materials to El Salvador. We received great photos for which many thanks!


The children at NPH El Salvador do not have classes in a real classroom because of COVID-19. The educational lessons are often spread in small groups, scattered around the family home area. Besides the educational lessons, there is of course room for relaxation. Many different activities are offered; sports lessons, board games or creative activities.  These pictures are from a creative painting workshop. They are very grateful to us and our distributor Diseno for the donation and have really enjoyed it.