Creative happiness at Sigaru School India

The SARI Foundation raises funds in the Netherlands for the Indian foundation Suyam. Suyam has been active for eighteen years already.


Suyam's goal is to provide underprivileged children (homeless people and beggars, who have often been living on the streets for four generations) education, protection, food and clothing to break the cycle of poverty from generation to generation.


The couple Uma and Muthuram are both highly educated Indians who have chosen to focus their lives on developing and helping underprivileged children.


In 2003 Suyam founded the Siragu Montessori School. The school was started with the aim of providing quality education to children from families who have to live on the street and who have never received any education. At the moment more than 400 children are taught at this school.



We donated art materials to the school. We are so impressed and moved by the level of creativity of these children. These beautiful pictures tell what creative expression does to them!