CasaSito during COVID-19 Guatemala

At CasaSito, education is a tool for breaking the cycle of poverty. The association’s mission is to offer opportunities to Guatemalan youth, so they can reach their academic, personal, and professional potential, and thereby generate change in themselves and their communities.


Founded in 2004, CasaSito has supported more than 1,500 young people and its families in over 50 Guatemalan communities to fight poverty through education, supporting them to become successful leaders in their communities. 


CasaSito provides art classes to promote the personal development of the children.  A few months ago we sent  art materials to them.



The schools are closed from March 2020 till February 2021 due to COVID-19. Primary school children do not attend classes at all, as are the junior high school kids. High schools and universities as far as possible give online lessons. This picture says everything related to the challenges these children face.



CasaSito tries to help where possible, she supports the children and their families with psychological support and food packages.