Support for Ideas Academy Malaysia

Ideas Academy believes in Education for All. Education holds the key to global citizenship which is something that no one regardless of background, race or economic situation should be denied. Its mission is to ensure that every child between 12 and 18 years old gains a strong secondary educational foundation, allowing them to become responsible, confident, and compassionate adults.


At Ideas Academy, they provide high quality, affordable virtual education combined with physical classes for students in Kuala Lumpur. Online and inside our doors, you will find engaging and innovative teachers, creative students and a community that are all passionate about achieving a brighter future.


We supported this very professional school with materials and we received this message from them: 


A huge thank you to Royal Talens for donating art supplies to our students! Creativity engagement is vital to self-expression and personal growth, and we are grateful to receive these tools which will enable and empower our students to learn and to connect with the world through art. 


We are very happy to help this kind of initiatives to provide children in this world with high quality education!