A glimpse of life at NPH Mexico


One of the favorite projects the Royal Talens Foundation supports is the creative project of NPH Mexico. 


Manuel Fernandez Mendoza is a visual teacher at NPH Mexico.  Manuel followed a four-year course in which he studied drawing as well as drama. He is an avid lover of the art of Mesoamerica. The youngsters are taught by Manuel four times a week, after homework and  work tasks are finished (including cleaning the grounds, doing your own laundry, cleaning the rooms).  



Three years ago, Nellie Markus, founder of this creative project, collected enough money to go for the first time to 'Museo Soumaya' in Mexico-Ciudad. A museum that has a lot to offer in the field of art. Art from Mesoamerica, famous muralists such as Diego Rivera, art from the old European masters and work by Rodin. From early in the morning until closing time, the young people stayed in the museum.  Everyone had a preference and some kids spent hours in a room looking at everything very carefully, making sketches and taking everything in. It was a huge success and worth repeating!