Support to the Leonardo da Vinci Foundation


The Leonardo da Vinci Foundation is an uniquely safe meeting place for creative development for people with disabilities. A place where you can connect and receive with respect. It is a daytime activity where you can perform artistic activities under professional guidance. The independent art center has a painter's studio, a sculpture studio and a ceramic workshop. It has their own art gallery/ art shop, where they exhibit the art made and are sold by their own artists.




Due to the Corona crisis, they were forced to close the doors for clients. They have been calling almost daily with their clients who have been bored at home for the third week, but who also feel very lonely. They miss their colleagues, their supervisors and their volunteers, and the visual work.




They expect the doors of this vulnerable target group to remain closed for a long time, even after April 28. Due to the lack of income in this situation, they are unable to guide their clients in the usual and desired manner. However, they do not want to abandon them and therefore want to start this project, so that they can support the clients even without face-to-face contact.




The aim of the project is:


• As long as they have to stay at home due to the corona crisis, the clients will continue to support them at home and, in addition to image / calling, also offer their visual work through weekly lessons / assignments, and offer inspiring films and visual material.


• Stimulate their creativity.


• Supporting a daily routine.


• Limit loneliness.


• Bringing counseling and clients in contact with each other in a way that is familiar to them.


• Maintaining the contacts that have been built up over the years.


• Clients are seen and feel connected to each other.


• We want to fill 50 boxes with creative ideas and inspiring materials.


• Deliver these boxes to our clients' homes.


• The clients sign for receipt.


• Clients are offered new assignments and inspiration every week.


• When they can open the doors again, they want to start with an exhibition of all the works that are made at home.