Bright spots in times of the Corona Crisis


The consequences of the corona crisis are significant in economic terms. But there are also far-reaching consequences on a social level. People get lonely, there is little distraction and tensions increase with it.


The measures have consequences for everyone, sometimes very specific for people with disabilities. For example, daytime activities close, caregivers have to make less personal contact or parents suddenly see 24-hour care. Very difficult to understand for them....


The Klup Apeldoorn is also closed. She offers leisure activities to people with disabilities. The Klup is mostly about fun, meeting and being yourself. The 140 volunteers miss the participants and the participants miss them and their weekly outing.


Fortunately, this vulnerable group of people is not forgotten. We called the organization and our nice colleague Els brought materials to the members of the art class. Els: “We visited the class once and there was

so much enthusiasm! We don't want to abandon our fans and ease these difficult times. ”


Participants of the art class can now start working at home. A bright spot in times of crisis.