Art classes for the refugees in Lesvos

Last Month we donated beautiful art materials for Workshops organized by professional artist from all around the world for Adults and Children in the Mosaik Art Centre in Lesvos.


This centre for refugees and locals provides a space of warmth, safety and community for the most vulnerable populations on Lesvos. Built on principles of solidarity, integration and empowerment, Mosaik aims to move beyond immediate crisis response and to offer sustainable structures to support refugees in their resolve to live with dignity.


The situation in Lesvos is very bad. The camps are overcrowded. People are traumatized and are looking for an interpretation of their days. The activities of Mosaik are therefore very important.


Bringing together over 300 students from teenagers to adults, from a wide variety of countries, Mosaik offers language courses, art and craft workshops and many more activities, supported by artists, activists and organizations from across the world. Mosaik was founded by residents of Lesbos. The centre is in the centre of the capital and is open to everyone, including local residents. For more information: https://lesvosmosaik.org/