New artwork to make Zunilda's dream come true

Royal Talens has been a loyal partner of the Paint a Future Foundation for more than 20 years. We decided to purchase this beautiful painting to support this organisation.


Paint a Future

They live in slums or on the street. Often they grow up in families where violence and great poverty are very normal. Children in deprived situations have a rough time, but they also have their dreams. Artist Hetty van der Linden lets them paint their dreams. Artists integrate the dreams of the children into actual paintings. The proceeds of the sale are used to realize the child’s dream. An inspirational story about children who give colour to their future. 

The painting was made by the Argentine artist Alejandro Teves. He was born in 1975. He studied in Cordoba at the school of Visual Arts and received the title of Professor of Fine Arts at Scalabrini Ortiz in Jujuy.

Throughout his career he won numerous awards and honors in his native Argentina. For over 15 years he has been closely involved with Paint a Future. 




The revenues will go to a very remote community in Argentina.


One of the children who lives here is Zunilda. We will help these kids go to school. Also solar panels will be purchased to provide the village with electricity.


It's great to see how one painting can change the lifes of these underprivileged kids completely