Science Encounters Art (S.E.A.) Tour @ Texel

Have you heared of the S.E.A. Art Tour? This is a brand new art route on Texel where art and science meet. S.E.A. is short for "Science Encounters Art" and brings an 'ode to the sea' by creating works of art inspired by science from Texel (Wadden Island in the Netherlands). Professional artists worked together with scientists from NIOZ (National Institute for Sea Research). The combination of science and art creates spectacular works of art spread across the island. There is also a treasure hunt and other activities for children.


The Royal Talens Foundation has contributed to the creation of a mural in the middle of Den Burg, which was created in collaboration with local high school students from OSG De Hogeberg.


You can visit the route from Saturday 25 May to Monday 30 September 2019. The tour guide is available at Ecomare, Kaap Skil, Burghtkerk and VVV Texel.


More information: www.sea-texel.nl