3D Painting Workshops for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Visual artist Christel de Buyser developed a method that helps people who are blind or partially sighted to discover the magic of painting and creative expression. She teaches them to create 3D artworks by using different painting materials and structures, and helps them to ‘feel’ the colors by connecting them to emotions. Her workshops proved to be a big success over the last couple of years. Christel’s perfect recipe for success: ‘a diverse group of completely different personalities, a lot of courage, loads of enthusiasm, fun and a pinch of perseverance.’ She encourages the participants to get out of their comfort zone and to ‘color outside the lines.’



The Royal Talens Foundation supported the series of workshops in 2019 by providing a donation of painting materials, including (textured) paint, modelling paste and tools.

A selection of reactions by Christel’s enthusiastic students:


It’s about self-confidence! The workshop showed me my possibilities instead of my inabilities! I think what you do is very valuable! 


It took some time to step out of my comfort zone. A very nice experience, something that I always wanted to do, but never had the guts for. 


I’ve always wanted to become van Gogh. Thanks to Christel, I could!


My door was closed. Christel breathed life into this special workshop and opened my door to the outside world again. Through the workshop I get to be around people again, something that’s very scary for a blind person like me. Thank you Christel, also for drying my tears.


Challenging and very educational / impressive! This course was really one challenge for me, which I experienced as pleasant! It made me feel proud.


Through this course I’m among people again. I would like to do this every week. It is a very nice experience and you learn to deal with your own limitations, in a very natural and positive way.


Want to know more about the workshops and Christel’s work as a visual artist? Visit her website